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Needing a "reset"

Your mind and body are incredibly complex systems, not unlike the technology that you interact with every day. Think of the way they operate like the way your smartphone works.

The longer you have your phone, the slower it seems to get over time. The more you use it, the harder it is to get everything you need out of it. The operating system that runs your phone was designed to keep your phone running for a very long time, but external factors fill up the memory, introduce problems like software bugs and glitches, and degrade performance over time.

If you take your slow, buggy phone to a repair shop, the first thing they do is perform a reset. They clean out the software and restore it to how it functioned before all of the external factors slowed everything down. Suddenly, it works great again.

QNRT® Care in Charlotte

We tend to remember the physical injuries that we sustain, but how often do you take note of emotional injury? The brain reacts to both physical and emotional pains in the exact same way, but we tend to ignore the impact of the emotional pain.

The brain protects itself in the only way that it knows how: by overreacting. We yank our hand away from a hot surface and we recoil from blunt force. Our brains react similarly to embarrassment, high anxiety, and upsetting situations by "pulling away" from what is happening. Over time, the stressors that come from these circumstances build up and manifest themselves in emotional overload. This may lead to reduced performance and even physical pain.

So are you a good candidate for QNRT treatment?

If you believe that stress may be affecting your brain, then a QNRT® consultation may be in order. During this painless session, Dr. Hattersley will help you evaluate your physical and emotional states to better determine how effective QNRT® care may be for you.

"I have been experiencing muscle weakness and pain in my extremities for over 3 years. I have sought traditional therapies and medications through various physician specialists with little to no relief. Upon suggestion of a friend, I sought care and treatment from Dr. Hattersley. She made a connection between mental and emotional health and physical well-being suggesting QNRT®. After my first session of QNRT® I had noticeable improvement overall with immediate relief of hip and leg pain I had endured for the previous 3 years. As a chiropractor, I strongly recommend her services as I feel she is highly attentive toward my personal situation and my overall well-being."

Jennifer J.

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