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"Dr. Hattersley is caring, knowledgeable and an amazing person. On my first visit I had complete trust in her. I have 2 degenerative disks along with an autoimmune condition. The pain was excruciating. Since I have been under her care, the pain has subsided tremendously. I will continue to recommend my friends and family to Dr. Hattersley."

Janice M.

our specialties

Quantum Neurology (QN)

Quantum Neurology (QN for short) is an amazing healthcare technique that recognizes the connection between physical and neurological symptoms. Things like anxiety, depression, and other neurological conditions have lasting impact on the body’s physical operation. QN seeks to understand that, identify the connections, and provide lasting relief by optimizing the mind-body connection and enabling your body to better manage itself without prescription pills that chemically alter your body’s natural state.

Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy (QNRT)

QNRT is not an extension of Quantum Neurology, but rather an entirely separate medium for restoring health to the body and the mind. Think about QNRT as a “reboot” for how your mind and body are operating. Computers get slow as you use them, so an occasional reboot is needed to keep them running optimally. The same can be said for our own selves! QNRT is a fascinating process that produces amazing changes in people.

Contact reflex analysis (CRA)

Contact Reflex Analysis is a simple, safe, natural method of analyzing the energy flow through specific reflexes located on your body.  

We use CRA to help uncover any imbalances or deficiencies that may be contributing to the patient’s’ symptoms or inability to obtain overall wellness.  The VerVita products that accompany CRA provide gently support to organs and organ systems that help bring them back to balance.  

Why these techniques?

As chiropractors we generally reference the three types of stress that lead to dysfunction or dis-ease: Physical, Chemical, Mental/Emotional.  I did the research and discovered, what I believe to be the three best techniques to address each area; QN for the physical, CRA for the nutritional/chemical and QNRT for the Mental/Emotional.

We do not treat or cure any condition(s).  We simply rehabilitate areas of dysfunction in the nervous system and restore balance, which allows the body to better handle stress.

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New patients receive a personal health consultation, health history review, and comprehensive exams to get to the root of the issue. Your second appointment includes a personalized care plan that will show you how (and how quickly) we can help you get to your health goals.

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I had been plagued by lower back pain for years. Doctor after doctor prescribed medicine and surgical procedures. A friend recommended Dr. Hattersley as an alternative to surgery. I'm sure glad I listened to her.

Doctor Hattersley and her team (Shae & Bruna) are professional and personal. They care about your health and want you to have a healthy and fulfilling life. Highly recommend them if you or loved ones need relief.

Dr. Lindsey is an outstanding chiropractor. She is helping me reach my optimum health through nutrition, chiropractic care, and education. I was skeptical at first but she takes the time to explain everything. Thank you!

Lindsey has made my pregnancy bearable! She has fixed my sciatic pain on a weekly basis and has almost completely eliminated my heartburn! I highly recommend her if you're feeling pregnancy pain!

I've had amazing results with Dr. Hattersley. I've never felt better! Dr. Hattersley and her staff are professional, caring, and considerate and make their patients feel very comfortable. They treat you like family.


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