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So Much More

Than Back and Neck Pain

But if you're in pain, we're here to help.

It's impossible to talk about your personal health goals when you're in pain. Nothing else matters when you can't focus on the things that are important to you. We have the ability and experience to quickly identify the real cause behind your symptoms so that, together, we can design a personalized care plan that gets results.

When you're ready, we'll go further.

We focus on true health care by working with our patients to identify their health goals and then map out plans to get them there. If that sounds simple, it’s because it was built to be simple. Our expertise is in the natural restoration of health by identifying the root causes of symptoms and treating the causes instead of just the symptoms.

Our ideal patient

Finding the right doctor is important to you, right? For us, it’s all about finding the right patient! Our revolutionary care programs work best with people who:

  • See the connection between the symptoms they feel and the true root causes of those symptoms
    • Understand the importance of wanting to feel better
    • Treat us as a partner in their own health and recognize that we both have to work together to get the best results
    • Value their time in our office and show it by being punctual and following through with care recommendations

    "After suffering from chronic back pain for many years I decided to give chiropractic care a try. From my first visit, Dr. Hattersley and her staff have always greeted me with a warm welcome and a smile. Dr. Hattersley truly focuses on whole body health and wellness, always going above and beyond during my visits to provide me with the best care possible. I have seen tremendous improvement in my back pain and whole body health. The quality care that I receive at Hattersley Chiropractic Clinic allows me to comfortably travel for work and enjoy my outdoor lifestyle to the fullest."

    Tyler M.

    now accepting new patients

    New patients receive a personal health consultation, health history review, and comprehensive exams to get to the root of the issue. Your second appointment includes a personalized care plan that will show you how (and how quickly) we can help you get to your health goals.

    Get started for only $149

    hear from our happy clients

    I had been plagued by lower back pain for years. Doctor after doctor prescribed medicine and surgical procedures. A friend recommended Dr. Hattersley as an alternative to surgery. I'm sure glad I listened to her.

    Doctor Hattersley and her team (Shae & Bruna) are professional and personal. They care about your health and want you to have a healthy and fulfilling life. Highly recommend them if you or loved ones need relief.

    Dr. Lindsey is an outstanding chiropractor. She is helping me reach my optimum health through nutrition, chiropractic care, and education. I was skeptical at first but she takes the time to explain everything. Thank you!

    Lindsey has made my pregnancy bearable! She has fixed my sciatic pain on a weekly basis and has almost completely eliminated my heartburn! I highly recommend her if you're feeling pregnancy pain!

    I've had amazing results with Dr. Hattersley. I've never felt better! Dr. Hattersley and her staff are professional, caring, and considerate and make their patients feel very comfortable. They treat you like family.

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    We are Charlotte's premiere healthcare office specializing in safe, gentle methods that help your body reconnect to its natural ability to heal and thrive.

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